Exams – do we need them?

An interesting one this week at leadership with discussion around Year 12 exams. Like many schools we are planning for 2015 calendar dates and reviewing our trials this year. This year we picked up our Yr 12 half yearly exam block and moved it forward a month. Some departments liked it some did not for various and also similar reasons.

Talking about this with the leadership team one of the team asked: ” do we need a 2 week exam block”? During this time we stop classes mainly to give students time to revise and teachers time to mark exams and then complete reports which normally follow shortly after.

Anyway back to the discussion board. We need the exams because we are preparing our students for 3 hr end of year exams but we are looking to provide some flexibility to different subjects who don’t want to test at the same time. No decisions yet but it certainly showed me the concept of keeping your mind open and looking at all possibilities whilst having a good chat with teachers along the way.

Sometimes it’s freeing letting go and not being quite sure of the outcome!! Interesting times for us as a learning community. It shows we are being open to all possibilities and and at the end of the day we will go with a schedule that we think is best for our students.

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