Great Schools

Into planning mode for another school year.

Reflect – evaluate – reflect – plan – reflect – develop action plan!!

Like many schools we are constantly engaged with whole school planning and improvement focus on improving student learning.

Some of our main goals around the next cycle of strategic planning involve:

1. Developing the MISSION of our school. We are a Catholic school so this has a particular religious dimension for our organisation that places Jesus, the Gospels and how the message of the Church is expressed to the young people who enter our classrooms each day.

2. LIBERATE – this has been our slowly evolving, constantly developing model of pedagogy for our school over the past few years. LIBERATE represents how we teach to our students. It involves research, competency based progression, both direct and independent learning, whilst also encompasssing collaborative and project based cross curriculum components.

3. WELLBEING – this represents placing the student at the centre of everything we do and restructuring our school to accommodate new models and ways of operating where WELLBEING is connected to LEARNING and LIBERATE, our expression or model of learning at our school is also a model of student WELLBEING. Very exciting but also very challenging as our whole school community grapples with new ways of being in 2015 and beyond.

4. RESOURCING – a vital but often overlooked part of any school plan. Without resourcing it and planning to resourcing it the Plan will struggle to be implemented. This also involves another section of the non-teaching side of the school that exists to support the MISSION, LIBERATE and WELLBEING goals coming to fruition.

It’s been a busy, demanding, taxing year, but also a very exciting one grappling with the educational changes facing all schools and teachers everywhere in the world to maintain relevance for their students.

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