Homework – to be or not to be?? Good read. Food for thought here.

Class Teaching

The 15 minute forum tonight was led by Chris Runeckles.  Chris teaches history and has been experimenting with Ross McGill’s idea of ‘Takeaway Homework’.  Ross talks about the rationale behind the idea here:


The history and geography departments have been trialling takeaway homework with Year 8.  This came about because there was a feeling that homework in KS4 was highly structured and purposeful, based around providing opportunities for students to practise key exam skills.  In KS3 however, it was more ad-hoc and so less purposeful.  In fact, teachers would often just set something, because they felt they had to.  This seemed like a missed opportunity – especially as Hattie suggests that homework seems to have a significantly high effect size (0.64) in secondary schools.  Tom Sherrington summarises this nicely:

“So, what Hattie actually says about homework is complex.  There is no meaningful sense in which it could be stated that “the…

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