Developing our in-house system for improving teaching.

Further evidence of the transformational shifts occurring world wide in schools as standards, accountability, school learning culture, teacher collaboration and sharing at the grass roots level within schools between teachers, faculties and classrooms. Greater focus on words like transparency, responsibility of teachers and the teams they belong too and the learning outcomes and academic goals and progression we are trying to achieve with our students. Australia and the UK and the World interlocked on a large scale school improvement agenda – this only has great outcomes for all stakeholders: schools, teachers professional growth, professional recognition and consciousness of the teaching profession, parents as partners and support and most all the students who are the core of getting the best results. Thanks for sharing this great read. Got me thinking on the other side of the world as we start our academic year next week in Australia and before I rush off now on a healthy 5 km family bike ride on a gorgeous Sydney morning!!!


At Highbury Grove we’re in the process of engineering a culture shift away from inspectorial top-down accountability systems towards collegiate high-trust processes built on collective responsibility for student outcomes, professional development, mutual challenge and support.  I’m convinced that this is the best way to secure improved outcomes for students as well as making teaching at the school more rewarding.

There are a number of interlocking elements to the approach, each driven by the same philosophy:

a) that teachers should be treated as professionals, with the default assumption that everyone is committed and hard-working with their students’ best interests at heart in all that they do;

b) that trust is a powerful force for good that needs to be deliberately and explicitly developed

c) that collective responsibility is greater than the sum of individual responsibility; we’re a team of teams

d) that each teacher, at every career stage should be nurtured…

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