My First Week of Teaching

Ben Duggan

“I’m going on an adventure” said Bilbo Baggins.

I might not have met dwarves, elves or a dragon, but heading into my first week of teaching, I could absolutely relate to the nervous excitement felt by Bilbo in J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous tale, The Hobbit.

Bilbo Adventure

I had just finished my two months of training with 66 other young Australians with Teach for Australia and Deakin University. I was taking with me a fresh backpack full of tools, ideas and techniques, excited, optimistic and trying to be realistic about the challenge that lay ahead.

I was excited about the opportunity to work as a teacher in a local school where I grew up. Spending six years completing my bachelor at the Australian National University part-time, while working for a Federal MP, travelling and establishing Raising Hope Education Foundation have hopefully given me some life experience to share with my students. While I know I have so much to…

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