The fountain of character

A great piece on character education and it’s importance in schools.

After researching wellbeing in our school over past 12-18 months + numerous best practice school visits across Aust, Positive schools conferences, working groups, staff days, etc etc innovative schools are responding it appears by prioritising social and emotional learning needs for students by building these needs into whole school academic wellbeing and pastoral care programs.

In addition this is necessitating quite a bit of specialist training and professional development for teachers depending on their roles in their schools programs. A lot of this is in response to increasing issues around mental health in our society but I have witnessed many positives in this movement that in part will assist the issue you raise about the place and priority of character education in a busy school curriculum.

Great reflection. Thanks for sharing.


First week back and ‘character education’ has reared its head again. From conversations with SLT about how to develop it in our students, to a colleague who expressed that a student lacked it and finally to parents on the side of the cricket pitch extolling a batsman who demonstrated it. Everyone has their thoughts and opinions about character and the role that schools have in teaching it.


I have my reservations about schools teaching character. Not that it isn’t important or that we shouldn’t be part of the process of developing character within our students, but what role does school have with character education. There are limitless questions that need to answered to get this right. What is the purpose of character education? What qualities of character should be promoted? Can we actually teach it? This is where my real reservations stem from. As always in education and specifically within…

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