Developing Metacognition Through Exam Practice

Great read on building skill sets for students through regular practice and feedback sessions whatever they might be. Regular feedback on students work helps get them thinking about their learning and where their improvement is.

Class Teaching


The 15 minute forum tonight was led by geography teacher Ben Crockett.  A few weeks ago, the ‘Blog of the week’ was this great one on metacognition by John Tomsett.  This resonated with Ben, who then wanted to look into it more and try it out with his year 11 class.

An initial Google search suggested that this might be quite a complex business:


A further search simplified it slightly:


Put simply, metacognition is about how we go about preparing and dealing with challenges that we are faced with – “its thinking about thinking!”. The Education Endowment Foundation rate it as a ‘high impact, low cost’ strategy – read more here.

When we reflect on this, great teachers encourage metacognition frequently:

  • When we come up with learning objectives and activities to reach these.
  • When we model the best and most effective strategy to complete work.
  • When we…

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