Leading and Learning. Reflections on my first year at Highbury Grove

Why aren’t leaders reflecting more? Too busy? Not enough time to reflect? Low priority? I enjoy reading @headguruteacher posts because it seems a bit of a rarity to find a Head taking the time to reflect on his/her leadership journey. Much to be learned. Thanks for sharing always great to read from the other side of the world.


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This is my 300th blog post on headguruteacher.com.  It seems like a good moment to reflect on my first year as Head of Highbury Grove.  Without doubt, this year has been the most challenging and rewarding in my professional career.  I’ve never worked so hard in my life – I’ve been dragging myself through the last few weeks through a fog of deep tiredness that I don’t think I’ve experienced before.  I’m not complaining; most of the time, it’s been exhilarating.  I can’t imagine ever wanting a different job; I love it.  As this is my second Headship (and third if you count BIS in Jakarta), I arrived with a certain degree of self-confidence.  But, whilst my prior experience prepared me well for some key elements of strategic thinking and armed me with some well-tested leadership tools, the day-to-day reality of school life makes this a different job altogether…

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