Five Friday Faves (Steve Jobs quotes edition)

I like these quotes from Steve Jobs. Reading his biography by Jacobsen it also sounded like his achievements came at some costs. He sounded very driven and these quotes indicate that. He was all about building something great, leaving a legacy which we remember him every time we get the latest iPhone upgrade etc. but he also didn’t have time to tolerate fools gladly so his temper was apparently famous when things didn’t go his way. Is this acceptable in today’s management world? I think he certainly appreciated the value of time and squeezed much into his life. I often wonder how his children turned out and what sort of people are they? Maybe we not only need to look at people like Jobs from the success angle but what can he teach us about values?

Certainly an interesting individual and a huge legacy. Thanks our sharing.

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Steve Jobs

I recently read, “25 Steve Jobs Quotes That Will Change the Way You Work—in the Best Way Possible” by Kaitlyn Russell.  Here’s how it begins:

“Fact: Steve Jobs didn’t become successful overnight.

It took years of hard work, determination, and perseverance to build Apple into the company that it is today. When you take a step back from your MacBook (and put down your iPhone), and really think about all that he accomplished, it’s beyond remarkable. He changed the way we live.”

You can click the link above to read the entire post.  Another fact is that Steve Jobs has so many impactful quotes attributed to him.  I decided to pick my top five from Russell’s list for this week’s Five Friday Faves.  What are your favorite Steve Jobs quotes?

  1. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be…

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