Outcomes Not Processes

Universal theme here. Changing the way you think often changes the outcomes too. So why is it so hard for schools to change?

One of the common themes across schools worldwide is the lack of time to focus on improvement.  It’s not that system leaders don’t agree with the research but that for many systems resources are spent in resourcing the system rather than resourcing teachers at the coalface of teaching and learning in schools.

The result. Great research that is presented but due to the lack of time schools provide to all teachers to improve their teaching and learning then things take longer than they should to get better.

One of the significant points underpinning top performing school systems is that Face to Face teaching time is reduced to allow for the obvious factor of increasing teacher professional learning time.  By increasing the time teachers have to learn, mostly from each other during the school day rather than after school or in their own time which is still the common model for many schools.

Having new modern collaborative school environments with old industrial models where students spend all day at school with teachers teaching them most of the day every day doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Time to rethink things and find new models to improve the learning outcomes for students and teachers!

What changes lie ahead for the education sector in England and Wales? If the core business of education is teaching and learning, we now have a green light to get on with it. No more lesson gradings. And now, no more judgment in OfSTED inspections.

Source: Outcomes Not Processes

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