The Growth Mindset Teacher

Growth Mindset School is made up of a whole school with teachers aiming to lift the standards for all regardless of where their students are starting with their learning base.

Class Teaching


Tonight’s 15 minute forum was led by geography teacher Hannah Townsend.  Last year, Hannah carried out a small scale ‘Practitioner Research Project’  to explore what it means as a teacher to have a growth mindset?  We often talk about this quite loosely, but what do those teachers who strongly believe in the idea of mindset do, on a day to day basis?  Based on our knowledge of our staff, a sample of teachers who were perceived to be very growth mindset in their approach and, based on their student outcomes, were successful teachers, were observed by Hannah.  Based on Dweck’s research, Hannah was looking for certain features of their teaching that linked to the idea of growth mindset, as outlined below:


Following these observations, Hannah found that these teachers who embrace  the idea of growth mindset in their their teaching, rather than simply agreeing to it in principle, seem to ensure challenge

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