Back to Basics

My school is beginning the journey of implementing Project Based Learning as a core method of curriculum delivery in 2017. As we begin this conversation and start planning how our rollout will look next year we have started talking to teachers, investing in our staff visiting in groups Parramatta Marist which is what I believe to be the Gold Standard School of PBL as a school wide pedagogy over several years.

They have trialled and developed their model many times and I firmly believe now they can assist us greatly to evolve learning at our school in our context. It’s not going to be the same journey as PMH but I know there will be enough similarities in the PBL model of curriculum design and team delivery that we would be foolish not to invest significantly in learning from an Australian school that has walked the talk of leading change for over ten years now.

I look forward to leading and being a part of the journey.


I think it is really important as an educator that we are constantly revising our practices and breaking down what we do. For Project Based Learning part of this is going back to the beginning to have a look at how we design projects. This blog post will cover aspects of Project Design for best practice PBL.

Firstly I will consider Gold Standard PBL. Recently, the Buck Institute revised its PBL Model. Take a look –

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.09.34 am

The above image shows the old model and below the revised. As a staff we considered why they would change it, leading us to also begin to revise our practices. If the change is coming from the top then we should definitely follow.

We considered the differences in the models and discussed the following:

  • The change from in-depth inquiry to sustained inquiry:
    • We want students to be moving forward in their learning and need…

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