Projects Vs Project Based Learning: What is the difference?

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At a conference recently I was asked to reflect on what I remember learning at school. These experiences could include subjects, topics, projects, specific content or skills. I must admit, I actually found this task quite challenging (which could be a reflection on my memory). However, I do have three vivid memories, that I could recall and each one was a project. The first was the wooden pencil box that I made in year 7. The second was the BBQ utensils that I made and marketed in year 8. The third was made in a year 10 commerce project where we marketed a new soft drink product. During a conversation with a colleague, I was challenged to look beyond recalling the product that I created, but to discuss the knowledge that I learnt. I found this extremely difficult and slightly distressing that I could not recall any specific knowledge from these engaging learning experiences…

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It’s time to ditch school reports

Why aren’t schools innovating when it comes to reporting. Still using 20th Century tools. Time to adapt and change. Increased efficiency here for teachers and school administrators

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There are some things in society we do because it’s what has always been done, even though they may not be relevant anymore. Debutante Balls, pen pals, cigarette lighters in cars, tape cassettes on sale anywhere, removing the garter at a wedding (in fact, a lot of things we do at weddings). The list goes on, and I firmly believe that school reports fall into this category.

For years kids would dread the day when their report card came home in the mail. I myself remember waiting nervously while my mother read over, page by page, my semester reports each June and December. I was often relieved that the news was relatively good, apart from the odd comment about lacking initiative and not listening carefully enough.

For a long time, school reports have provided parents and students with a useful summary of progress. Many students would keep them for future job interviews, while…

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