Literacy Matters

The importance of stressing Literacy Matters everyday in everyway

Class Teaching

The 15 Minute Forum was led by English teacher and whole school Literacy Leader, Lucy Darling.  Lucy started the session by stressing that literacy is not an add on to our teaching, nor is it just the responsibility of English teachers.  We are all teachers of literacy – in terms of supporting students with reading, writing and speaking & listening, within the context of our own subject.

Some food for thought:






So, it’s an important issue for all of us to consider.  An issue which is of course amplified, when we consider students that come from a disadvantaged background.  If they are not supported at home to develop their literacy skills, for example by not being given access to books, they will struggle to articulate their ideas, get frustrated and switch off – and so become disenfranchised.


Practical Approaches

Spoken language – reinforce importance of accuracy at verbal and written…

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